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About Einayim

Einayim (Eyes) is a monthly magazine for children aged 6-13. The magazine deals with a broad variety of topics that are of interest to children, and presents them in a creative and challenging manner.

Each issue of Einayim revolves around one central topic and presents it from various angles using articles, riddles, comics, stories, and creative projects and activities. Every child can find something of special interest.

Einayim offers children a broad range of high-quality contents, including various activities and experiences - with particular emphasis placed on the visual aspects. The magazine stimulates children’s curiosity, encourages interest in various topics, and provides children with enrichment in areas of culture, science, art, nature and creativity.

Each issue of Einayim presents individual projects and family activities. Children love to reread issues again and again, and each time their interest is rekindled as they recreate the projects inspired by the magazine.

The contents of Einayim are planned, written, and illustrated by well-known writers, illustrators, photographers, artists, and researchers who have expertise in their respective areas of knowledge. The contents are presented in a manner that caters to children and which is intellectually stimulating. This high quality of contents is emphasized and maintained throughout all 64 pages of each issue.
The Einayim Outlook
'Einayim relates to its readers as parents relate to their children. The objective of the magazine is to broaden children’s’ horizons, expose them to new ideas, and to encourage independent, creative thinking – all within a protected environment. At a time in which the world is becoming more and more commercial, Einayim has remained a high-quality, stimulating magazine that appeals to children and parents who wish to expand horizons, satisfy curiosity, and explore new ideas. For that reason it does not cater to the low level that is often mistaken as being preferred by the general audience.

The Einayim staff believes that children and their parents are eager for high quality educational content, and attempt to provide a high-value and top-quality.

The History of Einayim
Einayim is the version for younger children (6-13-year-olds) of the youth magazine entitled Mishkafayim (Glasses) for youth and adults published by the Israel Museum. The first issue of Einayim appeared in November of 1994. The founder of the magazine - Tamir Rauner is its editor. The first three issues of Einayim were published in cooperation with the youth wing of the Israel Museum. It is now part of the HaAretz Group. Click here to view a list of previous issues.
Permanent Features
Each issue of Einayim is the product of extensive thought and hard work. Comprehensive observation, creative ideas, and flexibility enable change and development from one issue to another. At the same time, various permanent sections and features provide consistency and continuity. Some of these features are based upon children’s activities and interaction between readers and members of the magazine staff. Children communicate with the magazine staff through the Internet site.
  I have a Riddle
Riddles broaden knowledge, stimulate the imagination, and encourage creative activities.
Each issue of Einayim includes riddles based on intellectual visual exercises pertaining to the central topic. Emphasis is placed on the visual aspects of the riddle. Drawings, photographs, or illustrations give this section its special character. The answers to each riddle and the names of readers who solved them and received prizes appear in the following issue.
  With Your Eyes Shut
In this section there are ten multiple choice questions. A colorful strip above each question alludes to the answer's whereabouts in the issue.
 The Pand Comic Strip
The Pand comic strip presents a series of adventures of a red painted boy named Pand who was born from a sketch on a paper napkin in Naomi’s coffee house. Pand has been with us since the first issue of Einayim. The comic strip is created by Tamir Rauner - editor of Einayim- together with artist Noam Nadav. In 2006 the adventures of Pand were compiled and published in a book entitled Pand the Red, published by Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Publishers.
 Meeting Eye to Eye – Discussion Groups
Each month the editor of Einayim, Tamir Rauner, meets with a group of children who are subscribers to Einayim. During this meeting Tamir conducts a discussion with children about the topic of the upcoming issue. Participants are able to freely express themselves through these dialogues. The conversation is published in the issue dealing with the topic of the conversation, and a photograph of each child appears in the magazine. Children interested in participating in one of these meetings can register on the website.
 Draw Me a Picture
The “Draw me a Picture” section encourages readers to draw a picture that deals with the topic of the next issue according to a short description. Readers send their drawings to the magazine and a selection of drawings is published in the next issue. Each drawing is accompanied a constructive, critical analysis by the artist Talia Keinan.
 My Photograph
Each month readers submit photographs that they took that have to do with the central topic of the current issue. Photos are taken according to guidelines presented by the head of the section, photographer Tzur Kotzer. Children whose photographs are published in this selection receive comments, advice, and ideas from the photographer Tzur Kotzer.
  The World Through My Eyes
This section offers advice to children combined with a platform for presenting their own creations.
Readers can send personal questions to this section. Some of these questions are published anonymously, and all questions receive a response from Naftally Israeli, Psychologist.
The section also features drawings, stories, and poems sent by readers.
  The Unfinished Story
A story without an ending written by Amit Weisberger appears in each issue. Readers are invited to submit their own short endings to the story of up to 50 words. Five of the endings are published in the following issue.
 The Unfinished Comic Strip
Illustrator Michelle Kishka writes and draws the beginning of a story in the form of a comic strip. Readers submit their own continuation of the story. The endings that were received by the magazine are published in the following issue together with Michelle Kishka’s comments.
 New Friends
New Friends is a section in which children can find pen pals to correspond with on the Einayim Internet site. Readers who are interested in writing to each other can join the club and meet new friends in a safe and protected Internet environment
My Eyes, Tamir Rauner